Uniify & Scrive: Transforming Digital Onboarding Together

Viktor Restofte - Head of sales at Uniify

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We are excited to share the news of our recent partnership, a transformative collaboration that unites Uniify's comprehensive customer onboarding solutions with Scrive's market-leading e-signature and ID verification technology. Scrive, well-known across the Nordics for its e-signature and eID Hub solutions, perfectly complements Uniify's commitment to streamlined, efficient, and compliant onboarding for financial companies.

At Uniify, we have dedicated ourselves to enhancing and optimizing customer onboarding processes for financial institutions. Our suite of services, including digital onboarding, credit assessments, KYC, KYB, and unified API, are all designed with the aim of reducing costs, boosting conversion, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

E-Signature Meets Onboarding: Uniify Announces Collaboration with Scrive

Through this new partnership, Scrive's e-signature and ID verification solutions will be integrated into Uniify's platform, further streamlining the customer onboarding process. Scrive's solutions allow customers to sign documents securely and verify identities seamlessly, adding another layer of trust, efficiency, and compliance to our platform.

Transforming Financial Onboarding: Uniify and Scrive Unite to Replace Outdated Manual Processes

Through our strategic alliance with Scrive, we’re reimagining how financial companies onboard their customers. We’re bypassing outdated manual methods and time-consuming verifications, focusing instead on efficient, secure, and quick digital experiences. Scrive's is a crucial addition to this, providing reliable ID verification across channels, thereby fortifying security and ensuring regulatory compliance.

  • Elimination of tedious manual processes, paving the way for automation.
  • A significant reduction in time-consuming verification procedures.
  • A seamless, integrated experience for customers.
  • Enhanced security, ensuring all documents are signed and managed securely.
  • Speedy digital operations, dramatically accelerating customer onboarding.
  • Empowered regulatory compliance through systematic digital solutions.
  • Greater business efficiency through streamlined processes.

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Shaping the Future of Financial Onboarding: Strategic Alliance

As we continue to develop and innovate, we are keenly aware that simplicity, accuracy, and security are not just ideals, but essential components in the rapidly evolving financial landscape. We view our collaboration with Scrive not just as a partnership, but as a strategic alliance that will allow us to combine our expertise and technology to deliver even more powerful and efficient onboarding solutions.

In the midst of this era of digital transformation, it is our belief that by combining forces with Scrive, we will be better equipped to help our customers navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. The merger of our technologies promises to bring significant improvements in cost efficiency, conversion rates, and regulatory compliance, setting a new standard for customer onboarding in the financial sector. We look forward to seeing how this partnership will benefit our customers and reshape the industry.

Security Meets Agility: Uniify Leverages Scrive's E-signature Solution and ID verification for Secure, Streamlined Onboarding

Scrive, known for its leading e-signature and identity verification solutions, has been instrumental in transforming business processes across industries. Their focus on security and efficiency aligns perfectly with Uniify's mission to streamline and secure customer onboarding.

"The financial landscape is in the throes of a digital transformation, and Uniify is at the forefront of this change", says our CEO. "This partnership with Scrive marks a significant step forward in offering our clients a comprehensive solution that meets their needs in the digital age."

Ready to improve your customer onboarding process? Contact us and find out how Uniify can help you transform your business!


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