Credit assessment

Data-driven insights for confident decisions

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your customers' creditworthiness through accurate and reliable data analysis. Make informed lending decisions with confidence and minimise the risk of defaults.

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Sharpen your credit decisions with in-depth analysis

Choose Uniify for credit assessment to experience a seamless, reliable process. Harness our data-driven analysis and advanced technology for precise risk assessment, enabling efficient, informed decisions.

Unified data response

Experience seamless integration with our Unified API response. No matter where the data originates, you receive it in a consistent format. We handle the complexities, making it an effortless one-step journey for you.

Real-time data swift decisions

Streamline your decisions by accessing financial data from diverse sources in real-time. With our enhanced KYC checks, confidently know your customers and make informed credit decisions, mitigating potential risks.

Comprehensive case management

Manage your credit cases with precision. Our platform enables you to securely update, modify, and monitor your cases. Benefit from features like status updates, note additions, and activity logs to stay ahead in your decision-making process.

Fast, secure, and effortless credit assessments

Performing your credit assessment has never been easier. With Uniify's user-friendly platform, you can streamline the process and make accurate decisions effortlessly.

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Empowering smart, secure lending

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Enhanced risk management

Mitigate risk with our advanced data analytics, comprehensive credit assessment solution, and KYC & KYB checks.

Streamlined operations

Streamline operations with our automated workflows, intuitive platform, and unified API for credit assessment.

Improved decision making

Make well-informed lending decisions based on comprehensive and accurate credit assessment data, improving your overall loan portfolio performance.


Third-party integrations

Enhance your credit assessment process by retrieving the most reliable data from trusted sources, ensuring informed lending decisions.

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What is credit assessment?

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Credit assessment is the systematic review undertaken by lenders to determine a borrower's creditworthiness. It involves analysing an individual's or business's financial history, current debts, repayment behaviour, and other relevant financial data. Based on this assessment, lenders decide whether to extend credit, the amount to lend, and at what interest rate. The process helps mitigate risks and ensures that borrowers are likely to repay their debts.

How can I automate my credit assessment?

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To automate your credit assessment, consider implementing solutions that integrate real-time data analytics. Utilise platforms that pull credit histories, financial statements, and other relevant data automatically. Furthermore, explore systems that offer a comprehensive view of creditworthiness, considering factors beyond traditional credit scores. Leverage predictive analytics to forecast repayment behaviors and potential risks. Streamlining with automation not only speeds up the process but also enhances accuracy and consistency.

How can I improve my risk management?

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Enhancing risk assessment involves incorporating sophisticated methods for credit scoring and predictive analysis. These tools provide valuable insights into customer creditworthiness and potential risk factors. This data-driven approach enables more accurate risk evaluation, allowing for informed decision-making. Regular internal audits and ongoing monitoring ensure proactive risk management practices. Maintaining a robust risk assessment framework is essential for preserving financial stability and cultivating lasting customer trust.

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