About uniify

We offer a one-stop platform that makes it fast, easy and secure for financial companies to collect data on their customers. Our goal is to handle all necessary financial data sources in one unified solution that ensures your compliance when retrieving data and onboarding customers.

Customer onboarding

Digital onboarding

Customer onboarding has changed rapidly in recent years. Digital technologies are driving transformative change, which makes it a complex task to collect data on customers. Financial companies need to follow strict rules to verify the identities and activities of potential consumers and corporate customers. This requires data from many different sources when onboarding a new customer.‍

Uniify makes the onboarding, review and continual screening of your customers effortless, and speeds up both the identity verification and the compliance processes. With our unified approach, we gather and process data like no others do. We help your business take financial control and access financial services, whether you are looking for making smarter business decisions, complete a credit assesment or making a KYC/KYB verification that prevent identity fraud and crime, we got you covered.

Faster onboarding

No-code Solution

Our no-code flow builder connects applications, moves data between them and processes information, so it is safe for both your company and your customers to exchange personal data. Customers simply need to verify their identity and give consent to the selected sources.

Connect all different sources, create custom onboarding forms and combine them into dynamic onboarding flows. You can easily and securely maintain, edit and adjust your flows, and get your customers onboarded faster.

Behind Uniify

Meet our team

Uniify was built upon the vision of entrepreneurial minds seeking to transform customer onboarding for financial companies. Our dedicated team stands ready to guide you toward an enhanced and efficient onboarding journey.

CEO & Co-founder

Niclas Adegnika

CTO & Co-Founder

Troels Burmølle

CCO & Co-founder

Martin Sandø Jensen

Head of Marketing

Jean-Baptiste Gehringer

Founder's Associate

Niklas Lindegaard Pedersen

Senior Full-Stack Developer

Stefan Bonnici

Content Specialist

Katharina Amann Bærnholdt

Senior Backend Developer

Zeno Veiga

Senior Frontend Developer

Rudolf Ivankovic

Account Executive

Oliver Peter Gude

Business Development Rep.

Martin Ratje

Senior Software Developer

Mihails Butorins

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If you run a financial company, and are interested in getting an online demo and knowing more about our solutions, please feel free to contact us for a non-binding talk about your specific wishes and needs.

  • No-code onboarding flows
  • Integrate your flow within days
  • Save thousands of development costs
  • Improve conversion rates

"We are using uniify in our fully automatically onboarding process. Uniify helps us go to market very fast, and saved us a lot of time and money, on building an onboarding flow to get financial data on our customers."

Johan Malmstrøm,

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