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Bridging business and innovation

Uniify envisions a future where customer onboarding is seamless and efficient.
We are committed to helping financial companies overcome the challenges of onboarding by providing transparent, low-risk and successful solutions in a digital world.

Simplifying customer onboarding for everyone

Our mission sets the groundwork for our daily operations, focusing on delivering simplicity and practicality in every onboarding experience. Our vision aims to empower businesses to foster positive customer onboarding experiences, ultimately enhancing the customer journey.

Our mission

A simple, and practical onboarding experience for everyone

Uniify's mission is to simplify the onboarding process for businesses and their customers. We believe that every customer deserves a simple, secure, and compliant onboarding experience.

Our vision

Empowering positive customer onboarding experiences

We believe that onboarding is a critical part of the customer journey, and we are committed to providing businesses with the tools they need to create a positive onboarding experience for their customers.

Niclas and Martin from Uniify

Our story

A journey about innovation

In 2019, Uniify was born out of the vision of three dedicated entrepreneurs, committed to redefining the onboarding process. In 2023, we secured an investment of €3 million, fortifying our mission and fuelling our continuous drive for innovation.

Our founders

Uniify was built upon the vision of entrepreneurial minds seeking to transform customer onboarding for financial companies.

Niclas Adegnika
CEO & Co-founder
Niclas Adegnika CEO Uniify
Troels Burmølle
CTO & Co-founder
Troels Burmoelle CTO Uniify
Martin Sandø Jensen
CCO & Co-founder
Martin Sandoe CCO

Our team

Our dedicated team stands ready to guide you toward an enhanced and efficient onboarding journey.

Viktor Restofte - Head of sales at Uniify
Viktor Restofte
Head of Sales
Hanne Haarloew Pedersen - People and Culture Lead at Uniify
Sofie Tosti Madsen
Implementation Specialist
William Tolstoj Sander - Associate Business Development Representative
William Tolstoj Sander
Stefan Bonnici - Tech Lead at Uniify
Stefan Bonnici
Tech Lead
Zeno Veiga - Senior Backend Developer at Uniify
Zeno Veiga
Senior Backend Developer
Gabriela Kalkerup - Product Design Lead at Uniify
Gabriela Kalkerup
Product Design Lead
Rudolf Ivankovic - Senior Frontend Developer at Uniify
Rudolf Ivankovic
Senior Frontend Developer
Alexander Nygaard - Business Development Representative
Alexander Nygaard
Mihalis Butorins - Senior Software Developer at Uniify
Mihails Butorins
Senior Software Developer
Zain Javed Irani - Business Development Representative
Zain Javed Irani
Katharina Amann Bærnholdt - Content Specialist at Uniify
Katharina Amann Bærnholdt
Content Specialist
Milo Shirley - Account Executive at Uniify
Milo Shirley
Account Executive
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