Uniify and Mistho: Pioneering the Future of Financial Onboarding

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Uniify is pleased to announce the strengthening of its collaboration with Mistho, a forerunner in open payroll connectivity in the UK, as part of a dynamic move to redefine the standards of financial integration. This alliance is designed to improve the efficiency of the financial sector by providing a pathway to accurate income verification services, a crucial aspect of the onboarding process across a range of financial services.

The era of informed decision-making in finance

Financial services such as mortgages, car finance, leasing, and consumer services are on the verge of a revolution. With direct access to accurate income data, these sectors can now offer their customers a smarter, more informed customer experience. This development is not just a milestone for Uniify and Mistho, but a leap forward for the entire financial sector.

Martin Sandø Jensen, CCO & Co-Founder at Uniify:  "Reliable income data is pivotal for informed financial decision-making. By enhancing our partnership with Mistho, we underscore our dedication to delivering precise financial assessments to our customers."

Maximilian Czymoch, CEO & Co-founder at Mistho: "The integration of Mistho's income and employment verification with Uniify's advanced onboarding solutions enables businesses to gain a comprehensive view of their customers' financial situation, marking a significant step forward in refining the financial services landscape."

Benefits that redefine financial integration

This partnership does more than just combine two solutions; it brings tangible benefits:

Customised onboarding workflows:
Uniify's customised workflows are designed to collect and use data at the right time, ensuring a streamlined and responsive onboarding experience.

Faster credit decisions:
In today's fast-paced environment, searching for physical payslips is a burden no one should have to bear. Mistho provides instant access to essential financial data, enabling fast and accurate decision-making that improves the overall customer experience. Our partnership guarantees

  • Transparent verification: End users no longer have to search for old payslips, simplifying their onboarding journey.
  • Reduced fraud: Our customers are protected against the risk of counterfeit payslips, increasing confidence and security.
  • Employer authentication: Verification of employment status becomes simple and reliable.
  • Optimisation of the digital journey: The customer journey is transformed by the digitisation and structuring of data for rapid, informed decision-making.

Rigorous data protection:
At the heart of this collaboration is the promise of better data protection. Uniify and Mistho are firmly committed to data confidentiality and regulatory compliance.

This collaboration is not simply an aggregation of services; it represents a unified effort to elevate the financial onboarding journey to new heights. By addressing the critical need for verified income data, Uniify and Mistho are laying the groundwork for what the future of finance will look like.

Want to see Uniify in action?

A unified vision for the financial world

The alliance between Uniify and Mistho is more than a strategic partnership, it's a shared vision of innovation and excellence in the financial sector. It is the assurance for customers that the data that guides their financial journey is as accurate as it is secure. This partnership ensures that the integration process is not simply a procedure, but a means of building trust and fostering long-term relationships with customers.

As we enter this new era, Uniify and Mistho invite you to join us on this journey of financial innovation. Together, we're not just making transactions easier; we're nurturing a data-driven financial ecosystem that's primed for success.

We understand the value of trust in financial services, and this partnership is our commitment to building that trust with every onboarding experience. Join us as we pave the way to a future where financial onboarding is synonymous with speed, accuracy, and security.

Start your journey with Uniify and Mistho

Embrace the future of financial onboarding with Uniify and Mistho and find out how you can be part of this financial transformation now. Book a demo with our experts to find out how you can integrate Uniify & Mistho into your onboarding processes.

Read more about the integration here.


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