Unified API

All your data needs with one unified API

Seamlessly integrate your systems with our advanced unified API. Enjoy the simplicity of connecting to unlimited data sources, customising effortlessly, and eliminating the need for multiple platforms.

Business dashboard, identity, OpenBanking, KYC, credit check.

Effortless integration for optimal efficiency

Unlock the full potential of our unified API and experience the efficiency, scalability, and flexibility it brings to your business. Simplify integration and streamline your data management processes effortlessly.

Streamlined data integration

Easily integrate with different data sources through our unified API, eliminating the complexities and inconsistencies of multiple integrations.

Consistent data structure

Ensure a standardised data structure across markets, making it easier to retrieve and utilise data across various regions.

Reduced maintenance costs

Minimise the need for costly and time-consuming integration updates when expanding to new markets, as our unified API provides a unified solution.

Seamless integration, maximum efficiency

Experience transformative data management with our unified API. Achieve seamless integration, optimised processes, and maximised efficiency. Discover the simplicity, adaptability, and impact Uniify brings to your data-driven decision making.

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Simplified access, maximised savings

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Simplified ecosystem

Integrate with one service and access unlimited data sources, eliminating the need for multiple integrations and reducing complexity.

Consistency across markets

Ensure a consistent data structure and format across different markets, facilitating cross-regional data retrieval and analysis.

Cost and time savings

Minimise maintenance costs and save time by avoiding the need to refactor integrations for each new market, thanks to our unified API solution.


What is a Unified API?

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Unified API, in the financial sector, refers to a single application programming interface that integrates multiple functionalities or data sources. It streamlines access to diverse services, such as payments, account information, and transaction data, through a cohesive interface. This consolidation simplifies development, reduces complexity, and enhances interoperability, enabling efficient interactions between different financial systems and applications.

How do I access the Unified API?

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Accessing the unified API is a seamless process. It enables effortless integration and customisation of connections to various data sources, eliminating the need for multiple platforms. This approach enhances efficiency, scalability, and flexibility, streamlining data management. The authentication process guarantees secure and authorised access, promoting consistent data structures, efficient cross-regional data utilisation, and cost-effective market expansion.

What are the benefits of a unified API?

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The benefits of a Unified API lie in its ability to streamline and simplify processes. It enhances efficiency by providing a single point of access to various services, such as payments and transaction data. This leads to faster development, reduced complexity, and improved interoperability between different systems and applications. Ultimately, a Unified API empowers financial institutions to provide seamless and integrated experiences for their customers.

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