Boost your customer management

Streamline your CRM journey with Uniify. By centralising all customer interactions on a single platform, you empower faster, informed decisions, freeing up time from administrative hurdles. Focus on what truly matters: engaging more and converting better.

Uniify platform interface with menu icons on the left and a list of cases on the right.

Simplify customer relationship management

Elevate your customer engagements with our intuitive CRM. Streamline interactions, gain in-depth insights, foster lasting relationships, and ensure continuity, all from one unified platform.

Customer retention

Retain customers with a comprehensive CRM system for effective relationship management.

Dashboard overview

Get a dashboard overview of individual customers and work with data for better insights.

Customer cases

Create customer cases directly from the CRM, inviting necessary entities and managing flows.

Fast-track decisions

Make rapid financial decisions thanks to a standardised structure, ensuring efficient processes.

Unified customer
management made simple

Transform your onboarding process with a tailored approach, optimising identity verification and fraud prevention. Uncover the power of seamless financial data access for a more informed decision-making and controlled operations.

B2B & B2C case management

Effortlessly create and manage individual or company cases directly within the CRM. Invite necessary entities and tailor workflows to meet specific needs. Handle diverse case types, including individuals, families, and companies, locally and globally.

Unit data interface: primary, other units. Automation, data management.

Dashboard view

Get an overview of individual customers, saving time and improving performance. You'll gain valuable information to help your business grow and optimise customer interactions.

onboarding hub

Centralise all onboarding documents in a singular hub, eliminating time-consuming administrative tasks. With all your essential files at your fingertips, you’re empowered to make swift, data-driven decisions. Dive deeper into client engagement, convert more, and let our platform streamline your document workflow for unmatched efficiency.

Screenshot of a platform showing a person's data