Building trust through data integrity

At Uniify, safeguarding your data is our principal commitment. We adhere to the most rigorous standards in the industry, ensuring the integrity, strict confidentiality, and seamless accessibility of your data at all times, bolstering trust and fostering a secure digital environment.

Screenshot of data on a platform

Security means everything

In this rapidly evolving digital landscape, robust, comprehensive security is no longer optional - it's crucial. We invite you to explore our four strategic pillars, each meticulously designed to strengthen your data privacy and protection.

GDPR compliant

All your data will be stored in one place and you can always control when you want to delete your data.

ISO 27001

Uniify is striving to comply with ISO 27001, which ensures that valuable information and personal data are protected securely and reliably.

Full encryption

Your data and information are protected by converting them into an encrypted code that cannot be easily deciphered by unauthorised persons.

EU hosting

We make sure that all data is stored and processed within EU. Any cloud services hosted in the US are incapable of complying with the GDPR and EU privacy laws.