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Simplify and streamline your leasing processes. Improve overall efficiency, mitigate risk, and provide a superior customer experience with Uniify.

B2B & B2C onboarding

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Credit Assessment

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Combined B2B & B2C onboarding

Transform your onboarding process with our bespoke platform, designed for fast and secure onboarding of B2B and B2C customers. Eliminate manual tasks and inaccuracies, increase customer satisfaction, and streamline your operational efficiency with a single platform.

Simplified process for individuals and businesses

Effortless integration and whitelabel setup

Streamlined data capture and accuracy

Combined B2B og B2C onboarding

Credit assessment

Speed up your credit assessments with Uniify's bespoke solution for the leasing industry. Facilitate faster, more accurate decision-making, ensure regulatory compliance, and minimise default risk with integrated data analysis and risk detection.

Accelerated credit decisions

Integrated data ecosystem

Optimised customer experience

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Uniify's KYC & KYB solution enhances compliance, streamlines identity verification, and simplifies due diligence for leasing companies by integrating diverse data sources to minimise risk, optimise efficiency, and adhere to AML regulations.

Comprehensive identity verification

Sanctions & watchlist screening

Simplified & guided due diligence

KYC KYB and sanction

Trusted by the leasing industry

“Collect data, save time and make it easier”

“On average it took us 1h30 to onboard a customer, but with Uniify we've been able to cut this time to 15 minutes. Uniify helps us collect data, save time and make it easier for customers to onboard. It's easier for customers to fill everything out in one place rather than emailing it all. It's more secure.”

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B2B & B2C onboarding

Accelerated credit decisions

Regulatory adherence

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Select a plan tailored to the size and complexity of your business, with a suite of effective tools designed to improve your leasing operations and enhance your customers' overall experience.


Perfect for small and medium-sized businesses: Streamline data collection to ensure regulatory compliance and save hours on administrative work!

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Key features
Combined personal and company onboarding
Credit assessment
AML checks for individuals and businesses
Own branding
Email support


Tailored for growth and flexibility: Unlock extended automations, tailored customisations and connect directly to your current systems.

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Everything from Essential, plus
Tailored customisations
Advanced automations
API access
Custom domain
Enterprise hosting
Dedicated point of contact


reduction in onboarding time


reduction in operational costs


improvement in customer satisfaction rates


What makes Uniify’s leasing onboarding unique?

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Uniify's leasing onboarding is unique due to its dual-channel approach, seamlessly integrating B2B and B2C processes on a single platform, simplifying the user experience, and improving operational efficiency.

How does Uniify’s platform ensure compliance in leasing?

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Our platform stays ahead of regulatory changes, embedding the latest compliance standards into its operations, ensuring that leasing companies can confidently meet all legal requirements.

Can Uniify’s system integrate with existing leasing operations?

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Yes, Uniify's system is designed for flexible integration, capable of syncing with current leasing infrastructures to enhance the efficiency of onboarding and credit assessment without disrupting existing workflows.

How does Uniify enhance the customer experience in leasing?

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Uniify enhances customer experiences by streamlining the approval process, offering transparent credit assessments, and ensuring secure, swift KYC & KYB checks, leading to quicker leasing conclusions and higher customer satisfaction.