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Customer onboarding

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KYC & Risk Assessment

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Continuous monitoring

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Customer onboarding

Customise the onboarding workflow for each unique case, delivering an end-to-end experience that dramatically improves operational efficiency by reducing manual tasks. This approach increases customer engagement and sets new standards for personalised service.

Customised journeys tailored to individual cases

Minimisation of manual data entry

Improved customer experience

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KYC & Risk assessment

Uniify's advanced KYC & risk assessment tool meticulously categorises clients after comprehensive checks, streamlining due diligence processes and ensuring that your accounting and bookkeeping practices remains aligned with compliance requirements.

Automated risk categorisation

Adherence to due diligence standards

Simplified information collection

KYC and risk assessment

Continuous monitoring

Stay on top of any changes in customer status with Uniify's automated monitoring, which ensures that your customer information is always accurate and compliant, boosting the confidence and reliability of your services.

Real-time updates and alerts

Automated refresh of client information

Insights to support decision-making

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All-in-one platform

Uniify's integrated platform delivers a complete overview of your client base, simplifying the complexities of risk management and client data access, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your accounting services.

Unified overview of clients

Clear visibility of risk levels

Customer information and management

All in one platform for accounting and bookkeeping

We have helped onboard
+1,000,000 customers

“Collect data, save time and make it easier”

“On average it took us 1h30 to onboard a customer, but with Uniify we've been able to cut this time to 15 minutes. Uniify helps us collect data, save time and make it easier for customers to onboard. It's easier for customers to fill everything out in one place rather than emailing it all. It's more secure.”

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All-in-one platform for client onboarding

Customised client onboarding

KYC and Risk management

Seamless continuous monitoring

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Whether you're a small practice or a large enterprise, Uniify offers scalable plans with features that align with the size, complexity and goals of your business, ensuring you have the tools you need to take your accounting services to the next level.


Perfect for small and medium-sized businesses: Streamline data collection to ensure regulatory compliance and save hours on administrative work!

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Key features
Automated compliance
All business types
Guided risk assessment
Continuous monitoring
Own branding
Activity log
Intuitive dashboard
Email support


Tailored for growth and flexibility: Unlock extended automations, tailored customisations and connect directly to your current systems

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Everything from Essential, plus
Tailored customisations
Advanced automations
API access
Custom domain
Enterprise hosting
Dedicated point of contact


reduction in onboarding time


reduction in operational costs


improvement in client satisfaction rates


How does Uniify streamline client onboarding for accountants?

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Uniify automates and personalises the client onboarding process, making it faster and more efficient. Our platform allows accountants to customise workflows to suit each client's unique needs, significantly reducing manual data entry and enhancing the overall onboarding experience.

What advanced features does Uniify offer for risk assessment in accounting?

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Our platform offers comprehensive risk assessment tools that facilitate a detailed evaluation of clients based on your firm's criteria. This includes automated risk categorisation and continuous monitoring to ensure compliance and mitigate potential risks efficiently.

How does continuous monitoring with Uniify benefit accountancy firms?

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Uniify's continuous monitoring system automatically tracks changes in client information or status, such as director changes or address updates. Accountants receive timely alerts, enabling them to maintain up-to-date records and compliance with minimal effort.

Can Uniify integrate with existing systems used by accountancy firms?

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Yes, Uniify is designed for seamless integration with a wide range of systems commonly used in the accounting sector. This ensures that firms can adopt our solutions without disrupting their existing workflows, thereby enhancing productivity and client service. Discover our integrations & modules