Create workflows tailored to your needs

Our no-code solution empowers you to customise your onboarding process effortlessly, tailored precisely to meet your unique needs. Utilise our advanced drag-and-drop feature to construct dynamic onboarding flows with both ease and accuracy.

Unify dashboard: Menu with Cases, Flows, Users & Settings, various icons.

Empowering onboarding with dynamic features

Transform your onboarding experience with our intuitive and adaptable workflow feature. Seamlessly handle B2B & B2C customer journeys, tailor your interactions, and maintain your brand's identity, all within a single platform.

Unlimited workflows

Build unlimited, compelling onboarding flows to convert new customers. Craft different flow funnels for various use cases and services, providing a personalised onboarding journey.

Multiple integrations

Tailor your flows with our intuitive no-code workflow feature. Combine integrations to create dynamic onboarding experiences that align with your brand and capture essential customer data.

B2B & B2C onboarding

Digitise your onboarding processes for both B2C and B2B customers. Access data instantly from different stakeholders while complying with laws and regulations, streamlining the entire onboarding journey.

Dynamic redirects

Redirect customers to specific URLs based on their form inputs. Whether directing them to your website or continuing within your existing flow, provide a cohesive experience.

E-mail invites

Send personalised flow invitations directly to your customers' inboxes. Monitor the entire onboarding process from start to finish, ensuring smooth communication and seamless progression.

Customised front-end

Implement Uniify as a customised solution, effortlessly integrating it into your website design. Enjoy custom domains or private spaces that uphold your brand identity and deliver a better user experience.

Workflows for all
your use cases

Create and manage flows that cater to the unique requirements of your company. Easily maintain, edit, and adjust your flows, ensuring faster customer onboarding and an enhanced user experience.

Need to improve your

Intuitive workflows, greater efficiency

Screenshot of a person building a flow.

Streamline onboarding processes

Transform your onboarding journey with our workflows, creating a streamlined, efficient system that reduces manual work and enriches the customer experience.

Customised workflows

Personalise your onboarding seamlessly with our workflows, enabling the creation of bespoke customer experiences designed to enhance engagement and elevate conversion rates.

Time and resource savings

Experience efficiency and productivity like never before with our workflows. Automate processes and eliminate manual data entry, freeing your team to concentrate on vital business activities and enhancing overall productivity.