Form builder

Build conversions from the start

Create customised forms effortlessly with Uniify's advanced form builder. Streamline your onboarding process and collect necessary information seamlessly with our intuitive and versatile form building feature.

Form layout with fields such as Title, Text field, Checkbox, Date, Select and Upload icon.

Simplified form building

Build dynamic forms with ease using Uniify's intuitive form builder. Connect different sources, create multi-step forms, and enable file uploads for a seamless user experience.

All basic form elements

Easily incorporate input fields, expansive text areas, and dynamic HTML fields, providing a versatile platform for capturing diverse data.

File uploads

Enable customers to upload documents using our file upload or multi-file upload fields.

Multi-step forms

Improve user journey and engagement by creating multi-step forms that guide users through a step-by-step process.

Customised forms for unique business needs

Align your onboarding process precisely with your business objectives. Craft forms that capture essential data effortlessly and enhance customer experience, while reflecting your brand's unique approach and values.

Begin frictionless journeys
with simple forms.

Custom forms, swift success

Person fills out a digital form on their smartphone.

Customisation and flexibility

Tailor forms to match your unique requirements, including custom fields, branding options, and integrations, offering flexibility in form design.

Seamless user experience

Create intuitive forms with smooth navigation and multi-step functionality, providing a user-friendly experience.

Enhanced efficiency

Streamline form creation and data collection, saving time and improving operational efficiency.