From hours to minutes - How Global Car Leasing Reduced Customer Onboarding Time

Viktor Restofte - Head of sales at Uniify

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The automotive leasing industry in Denmark is marked by complex tax system, strict regulations, and increasingly modern customer expectations. Global Car Leasing has prioritised seamless customer onboarding, allowing them to focus more on expert advice and fostering customer relationships.

In such a competitive landscape, efficiency and customer experience become essential. Global Car Leasing, always at the forefront, recognised the need for change, looking for ways to improve its operations.

During our conversation with Rikke Ahnfeldt Kjær, the CEO of Global Car Leasing, we looked at the significant role Uniify CRM has played in streamlining the customer onboarding process.


Before the integration of Uniify, Global Car Leasing faced various challenges. The most important was the process of evaluating potential customers, which was time-consuming and based on limited data, which often led to problems of validity.

Not only did this involve multiple manual checks, which represented hours of processing for each customer, but there was also the constant risk of falsified documents."When I joined Global Car Leasing, we checked customers mainly on their creditworthiness. We looked at their annual tax return and their last three payslips. But it was risky to use only this information, because some people could falsify these documents."

Data security was another concern, with essential personal documents being exchanged over emails, causing potential bottlenecks and data management issues.Driven by its commitment to excellence, Global Car Leasing looked to work with Uniify to refine the customer journey. They imagined a seamless experience, freeing up time for what really matters - providing the best advice and nurturing lasting customer relationships.


In a sector characterised by complexity and constantly changing customer expectations, Global Car Leasing needed a comprehensive and intuitive system to meet its challenges.

The solution came in the form of Uniify CRM. The platform proved to be an ideal solution, offering both innovation and adaptability to counter the specific obstacles facing Global Car Leasing.

With Uniify, Global Car Leasing benefited from:

Seamless Data Collection:
By guiding customers through a step-by-step onboarding process, it became easy to collect necessary information in a secure and efficient manner.

The ability to create different templates based on the type of customer provided flexibility and ensured that the exact requirements for various scenarios were met.

Streamlined Processes:
With all information stored centrally on Uniify, the sales team could quickly review, make conclusions, and finalise contracts without sifting through scattered data sources.

"Uniify CRM has made things simpler for Global Car Leasing. We get the customer's details, see their financials, and can add our conclusions all in one place. It helps a lot.”

Want to see Uniify in action?


The adoption of Uniify has transformed Global Car Leasing's operations. Time-consuming onboarding processes have been drastically reduced, boosting operational efficiency.

On average it took us 1h30 to onboard a customer, but with Uniify we've been able to cut this time to 15 minutes.” Rikke Ahnfeldt Kjær - CEO Global Car Leasing

‍Accurate and detailed customer data has become the new standard, and building trust and transparency is essential for most businesses today. Uniify's robust security measures have ensured seamless regulatory compliance, eliminating potential legal pitfalls.

"Uniify helps us collect data, save time and make it easier for customers to onboard. It's easier for customers to fill everything out in one place rather than emailing it all. It's more secure." The sales team, now freed from administrative constraints, has deepened its relationships with customers.

About Global Car Leasing

Established in 2005, Global Car Leasing expertly tailors leasing solutions for mid-range to luxury cars. With offices in Aalborg, Copenhagen, and Flensburg, their commitment extends beyond leasing to offering resale assistance. Prioritising transparency and customer understanding, they promise reliable guidance throughout, turning car dreams into reality.


3 minutes

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