A partnership that transforms customer onboarding in the financial sector

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Criipto is renowned for its innovative approach to electronic identities (eID). By facilitating strong authentication methods without sacrificing user experience, Criipto has become a key player in the digital identity landscape. Its comprehensive range of eIDs, including the Danish MitID and the Norwegian BankID, addresses a variety of sectors, enhancing security and simplifying user verification processes.

A Strategic Collaboration

At Uniify, our mission is to align with partners that best serve our customers' needs. Our collaboration with Criipto is a testament to this commitment. Criipto's diverse eID portfolio perfectly complements our customer onboarding solutions, offering a more streamlined and secure experience. Like Uniify, Criipto values the unification of services under one roof, a philosophy that resonates deeply with our approach to customer service and technological innovation.

Enhancing Customer Experience: The Uniify-Criipto Advantage

Our partnership with Criipto is set to significantly improve the customer experience in the financial sector. By integrating Criipto's advanced eID solutions with Uniify's comprehensive onboarding platform, we offer a combination of efficiency, security and user-centred design. 

Simplified integration process:

Integrating Criipto's eID solutions into our platform simplifies the onboarding process. As a result, customers can access financial services more quickly and easily, reducing waiting times and bureaucratic hurdles.

Improved data security:
Thanks to Criipto's robust electronic identification technology, we can guarantee a higher level of data security. This integration protects personal information, offering peace of mind to both customers and service providers at a time when data breaches are a major concern.

Regulatory compliance:
This collaboration helps maintain compliance with various financial regulations. By leveraging Criipto's electronic identification solutions, we ensure that our onboarding processes comply with the latest legal requirements, protecting both our customers and their consumers.

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A Word from Criipto & Uniify

Martin Sandø Jensen, CCO of Uniify, is delighted with the collaboration: "The partnership with Criipto aligns perfectly with our vision of providing comprehensive and secure onboarding solutions. Their expertise in electronic identities enhances our platform, allowing us to offer our customers a more robust and user-friendly experience."

Niels Flensted-Jensen, CEO of Criipto, echoed these sentiments, "Uniify's commitment to streamlining customer onboarding processes makes them an ideal partner for us. Our combined efforts will raise the standard for digital identity verification, delivering significant benefits to the financial sector."

A Future Focused on Simplifying Processes

As we embark on this journey together, we are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. Our partnership with Criipto strengthens not only our offerings, but also our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction in the financial sector.

For more information on how this partnership can benefit your business, visit Criipto’s website.


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