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Flow Builder

Use our no-code flow builder and see how easy it is to build your very own customized flows. With our advanced form builder you can connect all different sources, create custom onboarding forms and combine them into dynamic onboarding flows.


Flows for all your needs

Our flow builder solves all needs for financial companies. You can easily and securely maintain, edit and adjust your flows, and get your customers onboarded faster. Use our drag and drop flow builder to create best in class digital onboarding flows for your clients.

Unlimited flows

Build your own unique and engaging onboarding flows. Build different flow funnels, for different use cases and services.

Custom modules

Create your very own customized flows with our no-code flow builder. Combine them into dynamic onboarding flows.

B2C & B2B onboarding

Digitalize your onboarding flows for B2C and B2B customers. Get all the data you need instantly and reduce time. Obtain data from different stakeholders and comply with laws and regulations.

Dynamic redirects

You can dynamically redirect your customers to a specific URL based on their form input. When a customer finishes a flow, they will be redirected to your website or continue in your existing onboarding flow.

Email invites

You can sent a flow directly to your customers with our email invite flows. You can follow the whole process from start to end.

White label

We of course offer our platform as a white label solution, so that you can implement uniify directly into your own website and design. We also offer custom domains or private spaces.

Build your flow with our integrations

With uniify, everything is kept effortlessly up to date, and all new integrations can be build with our no-code onboarding software within a couple of hours. We are working with the best financial tools in the business, and our goal is to handle all necessary financial data sources in one unified solution.

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  • No-code onboarding flows
  • Integrate your flow within days
  • Save thousands of development costs
  • Improve conversion rates

"We are using uniify in our fully automatically onboarding process. Uniify helps us go to market very fast, and saved us a lot of time and money, on building an onboarding flow to get financial data on our customers."

Johan Malmstrøm,

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