Dashboard overview


With our CRM system you can gather all important customer information in one place, which gives you a clear overview of the individual customer. You can use it for both B2C & B2B customers and to make credit- and risk assessments

CRM System

Retain customers with CRM

The CRM system gives you full control over your customer relationships, and manages all your company's relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers.

Dashboard overview

Great overview of the individual customer. Work with your data and get better insights.

Create customer cases

Create and invite customers directly from the CRM.

Make quick financial decisions

Same structure every time, make quick financial decisions


Create cases

Create individual or company cases directly from the CRM. You can create a case, invite the necessery entities, with the flows needed. We can handle all type of cases, it can be individuals, families, companies. Both locally and globally.

Great overview


Make data-driven decisions using custom dashboards. It is both a better way to work with your data and gives you a clear overview of the individual customer. Save time, improve performance, and get better insights.

Uniify documents

Case Data


See all documents that has been uploaded or obtained during the onboarding flow. Whether it is manually upload from a custom form or files delivered from an API, it's all gathered in the document folder. You can also upload files, request files or download a complete report of all case data including file attachments.

"We give Uniify our best recommendations"

"The collaboration with Uniify has been extremely positive. A nice informal tone that together with a flat decision structure gives quick results. We have received good guidance throughout the integration process so we could reach our solution in a relatively short time. We give Uniify our best recommendations."

Jesper Møgelberg, CEO at Patientlån ApS

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  • No-code onboarding flows
  • Integrate your flow within days
  • Save thousands of development costs
  • Improve conversion rates

"We are using uniify in our fully automatically onboarding process. Uniify helps us go to market very fast, and saved us a lot of time and money, on building an onboarding flow to get financial data on our customers."

Johan Malmstrøm,

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