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Uniify helps you simplify the process of gathering customer data, meeting KYC, KYB, and credit assessment requirements while saving time, reducing costs, and elevating the customer experience.

Onboarding screen: B2B/B2C, KYC, credit check, API. Profile 'Sarah Miller'.
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Customer onboarding

Tailored onboarding experience

We provide a tailored onboarding experience designed to align with your business objectives and priorities, assisting you in streamlining the onboarding process for your customers.

Business onboarding

Business onboarding simplified

With our business onboarding solution, achieve compliance rapidly, verify companies effectively, customise onboarding processes, and enhance the client journey all in one platform.


Achieve compliance in a few minutes

Ensure customer verification, comply with AML directives, develop personalised onboarding flows to achieve compliance in a few minutes, and elevate the overall customer experience.

Credit assessment

Accelerate data-driven decisions with real-time information

Efficiently obtain, analyse and interpret financial data from various trusted sources, enabling accurate and fast choices in just seconds.

Unified API

Seamless integration with our extensive unified API

Experience quick and effortless integration using our extensive unified API. Seamlessly integrate with a single service and gain access to data from an unlimited number of sources.

Make your onboarding process faster, cheaper, and simpler today.


Effortless data integration

Experience easy and swift access to a variety of service providers. Say goodbye to complex integration and maintenance. Complete your customer onboarding with efficiency and speed.

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Transformative solutions for your industry

Optimise your business operations in any sector, and streamline operations, drive growth, and elevate the customer experience with our specialised solutions.
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Improve your car leasing operations: Manage contracts seamlessly, automate data processing, ensure regulatory compliance, and improve customer experience, while reducing operational costs and onboarding times.

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Boost your banking operations: Simplify compliance, unify data, and accelerate customer onboarding. Witness significant enhancements in user experience, cost optimisation, and revenue growth.

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Accounting & Bookkeeping

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Empower your accounting & bookkeeping operations: Ensure swift, compliant, and user-friendly onboarding, enhance data management, and fuel growth, all while significantly reducing admin time and compliance costs.

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Financial advisory

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Redefine financial advisory: Streamline integration, automate compliance, and leverage data insights to improve client management for solid growth and stronger client relationships.

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Our direct impact

Experience the transformative impact of streamlined onboarding, swift compliance checks, precise credit assessments, and unified data integration. Witness the growth in operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.
time savings on customer onboarding
increase in client
decrease in customer abandonment rates
cost reduction with a unified api