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Uniify helps you simplify the process of gathering customer data, meeting KYC, KYB, and credit assessment requirements while saving time, reducing costs, and elevating the customer experience.

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Advanced Customer Onboarding Solution Favored by Financial Companies

We help our customers

Why customers choose us

We help our customers make smarter business decisions with digital solutions that make the onboarding process significantly faster, cheaper and simpler.

With our customized digital onboarding flow, you are guaranteed a better, more secure and smooth customer experience that retains customers and increases revenue.

Faster time to market

Customers have been able to cut their TTM from 6+ months to 2 weeks, and therefore launched their product 12x faster.

Reduce costs

Most of our customers saves over 80% in development costs with our solution. We help reduce costs of development, operation and maintenance without sacrificing quality.


Onboard customers globally. You can build your own customized flows and onboard customers from all over the world.

Build your onboarding flow today

No-code Form Builder

No two customers are alike. Use our no-code form builder to build your very own customized forms. With our advanced form builder you can connect all different sources, create custom onboarding forms and combine them into dynamic onboarding flows. You can easily and securely maintain, edit and adjust your forms, and get your customers onboarded faster.

Safer & Smarter Onboarding with uniify

Our Solutions

We offer your company a number of tools unified in one platform, which makes it easy for you to collect financial data on your customers.

Our no-code flow builder connects applications, moves data between them and processes information, so it is safe for both your company and your customers to exchange personal data. Customers simply need to verify their identify and give consent to the selected sources.

Our automated onboarding form uncovers the customer's financial situation in a few clicks and enhance the customer experience.


What our customers are saying

"We give Uniify our best recommendations"

"The collaboration with Uniify has been extremely positive. A nice informal tone that together with a flat decision structure gives quick results. We have received good guidance throughout the integration process so we could reach our solution in a relatively short time. We give Uniify our best recommendations."

Jesper Møgelberg, CEO at Patientlån ApS

Use your favorite tools with uniify

With uniify, everything is kept effortlessly up to date, and all new integrations can be setup with our no-code onboarding software within a couple of hours. We are working with the best financial tools in the business, and our goal is to handle all necessary financial data sources in one unified solution.

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If you run a financial company, and are interested in getting an online demo and knowing more about our solutions, please feel free to contact us for a non-binding talk about your specific wishes and needs.

  • No-code onboarding flows
  • Integrate your flow within days
  • Save thousands of development costs
  • Improve conversion rates

"We are using uniify in our fully automatically onboarding process. Uniify helps us go to market very fast, and saved us a lot of time and money, on building an onboarding flow to get financial data on our customers."

Johan Malmstrøm,

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